This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 12

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday and today we have ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 12th entry of 2022. Today Brian talks about Toni Storm hitting it big money wise and how it created controversy and debate for some fans and shares all the best wrestling content from this week.

Toni’s Time

So the big news this week was Toni Storm breaking the bank…so to speak…by opening up her own OnlyFans account. It was reported, that Storm made about $10,000 in the opening hour with her subscription being sold at $19.99 per month. She went on to rack up $33,000 within a half of a day with the account being open. Certainly, Storm is racking up a big cash flow for just posting pictures of herself in lingerie. It could also involve some nudity, if she decides to go that route, as OnlyFans does allow that.

Not too shabby considering she did not have to risk life and limb inside the squared circle to get that type of money. Suddenly, her quitting the big spotlight of WWE seemingly out of nowhere doesn’t seem so outrageous. Does this mean Toni’s in ring career is over? I seriously doubt it, but with all the extra money she is now making…she definitely doesn’t need to work a full time schedule in wrestling anymore.

There are several other female wrestlers who have created OnlyFan accounts like Impact Wrestling’s IInspiration of Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay, AEW’s newly signed MMA fighter Paige Van Zant, Chelsea Green and several others. Some pose nude and others just scantily clad. While they probably do not make as much as Toni Storm has in her brief time on the site….no doubt that they also have their fair share of subscribers. With that, extra cash in their pockets.

The success of Toni Storm has inspired other women wrestlers to get in on the business. Jordynne Grace took to social media to talk about her own OnlyFans endeavor and potentially retiring from pro wrestling to do it. It all may have been a joke, as Jordynne is still actively wrestling and doing very well…but you never know.

Of course that sparked a lot of wrestling fans to show support to Jordynne, while others blasted her for even considering retirement for posing for sexy pictures and videos. Some fans called out the women as being sluts and whores and selling themselves and their careers for quick cash. The days of select females like Chyna, Torrie Wilson and Sable getting a big payday to pose in the pages of Playboy magazine are pretty much done with as many have become their own content creators.

Some fans, both male and female talked about how far women’s wrestling has gotten in the last decade or so and doing things like selling their bodies for a buck doesn’t seem right. While there has been plenty of arguments both for and against the issue….I thought about one thing…money. Let’s be honest, despite a wealth of great talent out there…not many female wrestlers stack up pay wise to their male counterparts. Sure there are a few, but not everyone is going to make Becky Lynch type money wrestling…at least not yet. So personally, what’s the issue?

While the ongoing debate continues if wrestlers should use that platform or not….the news of Toni Storm’s financial windfall definitely will get the attention of many outside of WWE’s bubble.

Photo Gallery

Another cool cartoon tribute to Scott Hall

This egg is just too sweeeet!

A…uh… Hulk Hogan leg tattoo….

I do see big things ahead for Cody Rhodes in WWE, but this made me chuckle.

Jushin Thunder Liger looking great post retirement!

The Tribal Chef…Ramen Reigns

The Rockers….literally.



Check out this Lucha Cake

Lucha Sneakers too…

NWA’s Taryn Terrell

NXT 2.0’s Cora Jade

Impact’s Cassie Lee

The other half of the IInspiration…Jessica McKay


Mrs Undertaker…Michelle McCool

Video Gallery

A look at some of the crazy bumps Lil Spike Dudley did in his career…

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5 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2022 Week 12

  1. I have no problem with women making money from OnlyFans. If they actually show something and get some extra $$$$. Good for them. At least they won’t have to give Meekmahan-land a cut of that money and if it helps them put food on the table. What is there to complain? At least they’re not Bella Thorne who teases and takes away money from real sex workers who needed it much more than her.


  2. You missed this weeks news that Lina “NiaJax” will also be releasing some kind of pictures this week. Seems many see the potential and I personally have no problem with them taking the money if it’s there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A great deal of wrestling fans are boys under the age of 25. They can’t tell a woman how to manage her body; they have yet to learn to manage their own. GTFOOH! The days of women putting themselves on display and giving Vince a cut are over.


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