When the Bad Guy Turned Good: The Face Turn of Razor Ramon

Brian Damage

Heel and babyface turns happen very often in the wild world of professional wrestling. Some turns work well, while others not so much. The best turns are the ones that happen more naturally, with fans deciding who to cheer and who to boo. It is then up to the booker to give said wrestler that nudge and allow them to be accepted as either a heel or a face.

A perfect example of a natural face turn happened with the self proclaimed “Bad Guy” Razor Ramon. For well over a year, Razor Ramon was pushed as a villain who oozed machismo and arrogance. Razor Ramon was the epitome of a cool heel, who fans loved to hate. The more success Razor had as a heel, the more fans gravitated to him. Every time Ramon entered a ring, there were far more cheers than jeers. It became quite obvious that the WWF had to make a switch in his attitude and capitalize on his growing popularity as a character.

The start of Razor’s face turn actually started when he shockingly lost a match to a then unknown kid named Sean Waltman. As surprising as that loss was….it would get much worse for Razor when he put up $10,000 of his own money in a rematch with the newly dubbed 123 Kid. In that match, the 123 Kid ran off with Razor’s money…humiliating Razor Ramon once again. Now, fast forward to the July 19, 1993 edition of Monday Night Raw and Vince McMahon is interviewing the tag team known as Money Incorporated which consisted of Irwin R. Shyster and the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase.

The interview was basically supposed to be Money Incorporated talking about how they lost the WWF tag team titles to the Steiner Brothers. The Million Dollar Man and IRS talked about getting a rematch and insisting that the titles would return to them. McMahon would continue to nudge the heels by saying that beating the Steiners was no easy task. This got under the skin of Dibiase, who decided to change topics and reveal what a real loser was.

Ted Dibiase mentioned that Razor Ramon was a real loser and embarrassment for first…losing to a snot nosed kid and then being stupid enough to get his money stolen by the same kid. That of couse set the stage for Ramon to come out and confront Money Incorporated. Dibiase was quick to offer Ramon a job working for him, because after all…everybody had a price.

Razor would say that he wasn’t afraid to work with his hands…but wasn’t going to go work for Dibase. This ticked off Dibiase who started waving cash in the face of Razor and telling Ramon that even he had a price. Dibiase then smacked Razor Ramon across the face with his money and that led Ramon to shove the Million Dollar Man down to the mat. IRS attacked Razor, but was quickly thrown out of the ring leading fans attending the show at the Manhattan Center to cheer and start a Razor chant. Razor then quickly jumped out of the ring and returned backstage.

The confrontation led Dibiase and IRS to be beside themselves and say that nobody does that to the Million Dollar Man. It ultimately led to a feud between Razor Ramon and Ted Dibiase solidifying Razor Ramon as a babyface. The rest, as they say became WWF history as Razor Ramon became one of the top “good guys” for the company.

One thought on “When the Bad Guy Turned Good: The Face Turn of Razor Ramon

  1. I remembered this moment. I was 12 years old and I was starting to get into Razor and his babyface turn was awesome yet it was the IC battle royale where he fucking won me over. Then the next week when he beat Rick Martel for the IC title. I became a fan for life. He became one of those wrestlers at that time along with Bret, Sting, Ric Flair, Undertaker and Mr. Perfect that I enjoyed watching in the early 90s.

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