Top Five Alter Egos in Pro Wrestling

Brian Damage

Getting a certain character or gimmick “over” is definitely a challenge for many wrestlers. Connecting with fans can be, at times, a daunting task. Now add another layer to that and try to get two different characters over at the same time. Today on the blog, we look at our personal top five wrestlers with alter egos.

Honorable Mention: The Three Faces of Foley

Corporate Kane/Kane

The big red monster known as Kane has definitely had a hall of fame career in WWE. Towards the end of Glenn Jacobs run as the character…WWE creative gave him a dual personality. On one side was Corporate Kane, who wore a suit and answered to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. A guy who was by the book as a corporate shill. Corporate Kane would suddenly change personalities once he comes in contact to his old mask. He then transforms into the brutal, unstoppable monster fans have always known.

Joseph Park/ Abyss

By day, Joseph Park was a hapless attorney who worked for the law firm of “Park, Parks, and Park.” He wrestled occasionally, usually getting beat up by his opponent. What was deep inside Joseph Park was a bloodthirsty, masked monster named Abyss who sacrificed his own body to destroy and maim his adversaries. The TNA/Impact gimmick was very similar to Corporate Kane, but dialed way up in violence.

Finn Balor/ The Demon

Finn Balor alone is a tremendous wrestler, who really doesn’t need an alter ego or something extra gimmicky. With that said, Balor certainly makes the most of the Demon character once it is unleashed. The demonic character usually only comes out after a hard fought rivalry to put an end to a feud. It is used sparingly, which is a good thing as not to become overplayed.

Bray Wyatt/The Fiend

Personally, I much rather enjoyed the happy, go lucky Mr. Rogers-esque Bray Wyatt with puppets and all. What made that goofy gimmick work as well as it did, was the alter ego he possessed called ‘The Fiend.’ A masked psychopath with extraordinary powers. The Fiend grew a little tiresome to me due to overexposure and the ridiculousness of it’s dark magic which hurt suspending disbelief. Otherwise, Bray Wyatt is an excellent character that was hurt greatly by Vince McMahon over time.

Jushin Liger/Kishin Liger

Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger was and is a true legendary Japanese wrestler who had found success not only in Japan, but in places like Mexico and the United States among other locations. An awesome wrinle to this beloved character was when he was pushed way too far…he unmasked himself. His face covered in sadistic looking face paint and a completely different personality fans are accustomed to. Kishin Liger is just plain scary. He rarely comes out, but when he does, he tries to murder his opponents like Minoru Suzuki with a sharp weapon.

7 thoughts on “Top Five Alter Egos in Pro Wrestling

  1. Kishin Liger… that’s one motherfucker I wouldn’t want to fuck with let alone be in a room in.

    I have one honorable mention: Jeff Hardy as… Willow, Itchweeeed!!!!, Brother Nero, and…. EVIL JEFF HARDY!!!!!

    Here’s a few that aren’t very good: Dusty Rhodes as… the Midnight Rider…. Cunt Hogan as Mr. America Cody Rhodes as Stardust (except for that Bowie thunderbolt that one night).

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  2. I dont understand how da 3 faces of Foley wasn’t #1 being he was da 1st 2 do it. Also Jericho needs 2 b mentioned: Painmaker, Lionheart, da Ocho etc


    • Jericho never had an alter-ego though. You’re just referring to different evolutions of his gimmick.

      Balor is the one I’d question in this list. The others all have a significantly different personality and moveset. ‘The Demon’ Balor just has a bit of make up and an entrance. Once in the ring it’s just Finn Balor with some body paint.

      But definitely Foley #1.


  3. Doubting myself on some of these but a few others :-

    1 – Los ~Conquistadores – Edge & Christian
    2 – Owen Hart/Blue Blazer
    3 – Gregory Helms reporter/Hurricane Helms
    4 – Elias/Ezekiel
    5 – Straight Edge masked CM Punk ?


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