Wrestling round-up 29 March 2012

More bad news for former WWE star Kamala, his son Kamala Jr has admitted that he may have to have his right foot amputated. Last year the Ugandan giant had part of his left foot removed.

Bit of a Hall of Fame special to start with, Arn Anderson has said that he isn’t worthy enough on his own for an entry into the Hall of Fame and Edge has said he was surprised to go in so early more…

Kevin Nash was interviewed for the Sun newspaper and when asked about HHH ending the ‘taker’s streak, he said:

“If the WWE did have HHH end the Streak, what’s the bragging point since it took him three tries? There’s no bragging point, and it doesn’t do anything for business…It wouldn’t be good for business at all. It’d be like, yeah HHH ended it, but it took him three tries…Big deal. How does that impact the business to the good side?”

WWE Officials felt it “beneath” Alberto Del Rio to appear in the 12 man tag at Wrestlemania hence why he isn’t performing. Word is he’ll be in a feud with Randy Orton when he returns to a full-time schedule.

Interesting interview with CM Punk on the Marvel Comics website which you can check out here… it’s a preview to Wrestlemania piece but with a lot of focus on comics too.

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat has recently given his thoughts on what stars are ready to make the jump from FCW to WWE. They include: Seth Rollins, Bo Rotundo, Husky Harrisand Antonio Cesaro.

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