This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 27

Craig Wilson & Brian Damage

It’s that time again as we look back at This Week in Wrestling. In this edition Craig talks about Roman Reigns’ wellness violation while Brian asks ‘Whatever Happened to?’ Sara Calaway and shares some of the more interesting pictures he’s stumbled upon this week and more.

bobbyheenanThe Best Thing This Week?

Relatively speaking, this week has been fairly quiet in the world of wrestling. Perhaps the biggest piece of wrestling news was the announcement that domestic battery charges against Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler being dropped and WWE reinstating him.

But the best thing that’s happened? Well, it didn’t take place on Raw, Impact or on Lucha Underground.

No, the best thing that has happened this week in wrestling has to be the legendary announcer Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan joining the ranks of Twitter.

And it’s bettered still by fact he announced his debut in typical Heenan style…

Bobby Heenan Twitter

Since then, his output has been classic Heenan. Praise for his dear friends Gorilla Monsoon and Andre the Giant, tweeting Curtis Axel to share how much he enjoyed managing his father, referring to a fan’s dog as a “ham and egger”, stating Kevin Owens is his favourite current wrestler and wondering if it’s only him that thinks Aiden English sounds like Kermit the Frog…

Oh, and a reference to ‘Ariba’ McIntyre.

As someone who counts Heenan as the guy that sound-tracked some of my earliest, and favourite, wrestling memories, it is great that Twitter has become a platform to hear Heenan’s insightful and very amusing thoughts on the world of wrestling.

The Brain’s take on wrestling has been sadly missing in recent years. It is glorious to have him back and hearing the views of one of the finest wrestling managers and announcers.

It makes me want to rewatch his finest hour – the 1992 Royal Rumble match.

It wasn’t fair to Flair, Bobby!

Whatever Happened to Sara Calaway?

Normally, these ‘Whatever Happened to?‘ pieces are stand alone posts but considering so little info is available on Sara Chirie aka Sara Calaway, I’ll post it here.

Sara was the former valet/real life wife of Mark Calaway AKA The Undertaker. She was involved in the DDP “Stalker” storyline and did photoshoots with the other WWE Divas. At one time, the Undertaker had Sara’s name tattooed on the front of his neck. He has since had that tattoo removed. She and Mark divorced in 2007 and she remarried an actor in 2009. She is the mother of two girls, resides in Texas and is completely out of wrestling now.

Sara Calaway

14 Years Ago Today…

Jeff Hardy took on The Undertaker in a ladder match for the undisputed title. A classic, classic encounter yo can see in its entirety here:

Picture Gallery

Lex Luger with his United States title circa 1989/1990 and Lex Luger circa 1995. Either Lex loved that style of dress shirt or he only ones one piece of dressy clothing…

Lex Luger

When a wrestling promotion runs out, this store apparently has all their jobber needs!


A look at the very rare Japanese comic book of the late, great Bruiser Brody.

Bruiser Brody

Food for thought…


The final resting place for the ‘ninth wonder of the world’ Chyna…


On the heels of Roman Reigns 30 day drug suspension….


Roman Reigns

A young Kevin Nash saved a life while in college and made the local newspapers…

Kevin Nash

That time Seth Rollins almost died on Raw…

Seth Rollins

Video Gallery

Hulk Hogan shilling deodorant

Last Week on the Blog

In last week’s Sunday Sermon we discussed the upcoming Dean Ambrose era; on Monday we asked ‘Whatever Happened to?David Flair; on Tuesday Zack Ryder got the ‘Book or Cook‘ treatment; we had pt. 76 of ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ on Wednesday; Thursday’s Top Five focused on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s best moments and we rounded off the week with a special double-part ‘The Way We Was‘ on Friday first looking at Raw and Nitro from 20 years ago this week then taking in King of the Ring 1996.

Next Week on the Blog

Tomorrow’s Sunday Sermon looks at the brand split; we have another ‘Whatever Happened to?‘, the next ‘Book or Cook‘, a special ‘The Way We Was‘ on King of the Ring 1996 and more.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ pieces can be read here.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling 2016 week 27

  1. Good to know Bobby Heenan finally has an outlet to speak on. I love that guy. The 1992 Royal Rumble match is one of my all-time favorite matches. Largely because of his commentary. He was having a panic attack throughout the whole match and yelling “shut up” to Monsoon. Telling the audience that he can’t be biased where Monsoon says “when have you ever been biased?”


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