This Week in Wrestling 2018 week 17

Brian Damage

It’s Saturday so time for the latest instalment of ’This Week in Wrestling’, the 17th of 2018. Today, Brian discusses the ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’ and shares all the best viral content he’s stumbled upon this week.

The Sloppiest Royal Rumble

The WWE’s venture into Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has concluded and it saw Braun Strowman win the event. There has been a lot of talk about this event for weeks with some being critical that the WWE put on a show in a place where the women are secondary citizens to the men. The argument was and is that the WWE’s Women evolution took a step back when they were forbidden to wrestle on the card.

‘The King’ Jerry Lawler revealed on his podcast that despite not being allowed to compete on the show, the women would all be compensated anyway. I mean, why not? WWE was paid within the range of 100 to 200 million to stage this show. This was to me anyway, a mini WrestleMania set in the backdrop of the Middle East.

The show itself had its share of highlights and lowlights. The fans in attendance were extremely loud and boisterous in the beginning but very much like the fans elsewhere seemed absolutely burned out by the conclusion of the show. The loudest cheers came for the first match which saw John Cena defeat Triple H. And as it is here in North America, the Cruiserweight match seemed to be deafening in silence. A real shame considering that Cedric Alexander and Kalisto had one heck of a match.

None of the other undercard matches seemed to stand out to me. The cage match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns ended in a bit of controversy. Planned or unplanned, Reigns speared Lesnar through the cage and while Lesnar’s back hit the floor first but it was Reigns feet who actually touched first. That should’ve meant that Roman was the new Universal champion but, alas, the match was awarded to Lesnar. The announcers did acknowledge the planned or unplanned controversy. So it may lead to another match down the road between the two wrestlers.

The Rumble match itself was a lot of fun and it always is. 50 wrestlers seemed like overkill but overall saw some surprising returns and some wrestlers I never knew were under a WWE contract. The highlights included Daniel Bryan entering at number 1 and lasting almost to the very end. Hornswoggle returned, as did Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and a few others. There were a few botches and miscommunications during the match.

Titus O’Neil tripped and slid down the ramp and under the ring. Big Cass entered the ring to get at Daniel Bryan but tripped over a fallen Kevin Owens. He also seemed to “sandbag” Bobby Lashley’s suplex attempts so Lashley dropped Cass on his head. The event overall seemed to be a success. So much so that they announced a return to Saudi Arabia in November for another big show.

While there has been some negative comments about the Greatest Royal Rumble show, I think from a business standpoint it was successful. Not only did the WWE make a nice chunk of change for doing it, they also continue to expand their reach to a much more global audience. That to me gives this event a thumbs up. Who knows, maybe in November, they will actually allow women to actually perform. That would be something truly historic.

Photo Gallery


The UK representing at WrestleMania 34

Kane aka Glenn Jacobs aka Napoleon Dynamite

Bruno Sammartino being carried away


Very cool


This in itself is pretty bad but considering that Mickie James is an aspiring country singer makes this so much worse.

Let the rumors of Alexa Bliss and her “size” begin…

Rest in Peace Mrs. Motoko Baba

The original Queen of WWE

Sensational Sherri!

Video Gallery

Chris Adams pro wrestling school

The school that brought us Steve Austin

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