Wrestling With Sin: Five Five

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Brian Damage

This is the 55th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that takes a look at the darker, seedier side of pro wrestling. Many of these stories involve sex, drugs, greed, jealousy and various other topics that have occurred behind the curtain. As with all the stories involved in the Sin series…we do not condone nor do we condemn all the alleged participants and/or their victims in any way. We simply retell these stories and scandals.

Have You Ever Cena Porn Star?


WWE star John Cena has been rumored…speculated and even in some circumstances outed as having numerous affairs both while dating and married to his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau. In 2012, Cena was romantically linked to porn star Kendra Lust. Rumors spread that his “affair” with Kendra Lust ultimately led to his divorce from Liz. That is, until Kendra herself spoke up…


According to Kendra…not only did she not have an affair with Cena…she also stated that the two never even met. Kendra said that she was not the type of woman to ruin a marriage. Kendra…who in real life is a big wrestling fan…did however state that if the opportunity ever arose where Cena wanted to pursue a sexual relationship…she was all for it.

The “scandal” or lack there of…prompted Kendra to make a porn parody of the situation.


That’s not to say that Cena is 100% in the clear either. While the Kendra Lust/John Cena affair might be nothing more than just rumor…Cena was also implicated as having an affair with former WWE Divas Mickie James (As covered in an earlier Sin piece) and Tara (Lisa Marie Varon)


Lisa Varon emphatically denied having an affair with Cena while the two were both on the main WWE roster…but did admit that the two did have a fling while both were training down in WWE’s developmental system of OVW back in 2002. Varon was married at the time…but going through a trial separation. As for Cena…it is not 100% clear if he was actively dating Liz during that time. What we do know, is the pair were childhood sweethearts from their days in high school and were mostly dating each other since that time.

Bram Choker


In 2015, former WWE developmental and current TNA wrestler Thomas Latimer aka “Bram” was arrested following a violent domestic dispute with his girlfriend. The alleged incident took place in August of 2015…police were called to the couple’s residence at around 6am. Police investigated the disturbance call and found evidence that was some kind of physical dispute.


According to police, the couple engaged in a verbal argument that quickly escalated with Latimer threatening his girlfriend. Latimer’s girlfriend allegedly took the threats seriously and tried to retreat to her bedroom where Latimer quickly followed her inside. Latimer then allegedly refused to allow his girlfriend to leave the room…pinned her down on the bed by grabbing on to her throat.

Latimer is currently charged with domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment…both of which are felony charges. Latimer was released from prison after posting bonds of $5,000 and $1,000. TNA wrestling has suspended Latimer until an outcome to this case is reached.



In 1998, Julian Garcia Bernabe who wrestled under the moniker of ‘Pentagoncito’ was arrested in Mexico City for the rape and murder of an underage female believed to be around 14 years old. It was alleged that after a AAA wrestling card…Pentagoncito partied and got drunk. He met the young girl and after his advances were allegedly rejected….he raped the girl with his luchador mask still on.

Fearing getting caught…Julian Garcia allegedly murdered the girl and left the scene of the crime. He was arrested and sentenced to 7 years in prison…but maintained his innocence appealing the charges. He later admitted to being abused as a child by his father and whipped repeatedly with a horse whip. That led him to a troubled young life where he would commit petty crimes like stealing etc…The appeals backfired and Garcia received an additional 27 years in prison. Today, while doing his prison sentence…Garcia teaches pro wrestling in jail. He feels that pro wrestling helps inmates stay out of trouble and away from drugs. The gimmick of Pentagoncito has been taken over by a few luchadors since his arrest.

Gunned Down


Former TNA wrestler Gunner aka Chad Lail was involved in an incident involving a fan at an independent wrestling show in North Carolina. According to reports…a fan started getting in Gunner’s face and chanting, “Dixie’s Reject!” (In reference to TNA president Dixie Carter) Gunner then allegedly kicked the fan in the chest in front of the fan’s son.

Apparently, this fan was very vocal against Gunner on Twitter and that also may have led to the bad blood. Gunner posted this to his Twitter feed…but quickly took it down…“And for the record, don’t be an idiot fan and step up to my ring. You will get kicked.”

Gunner later went on Facebook and addressed the entire situation with the fan…

In 15 years i have never touched a fan. In 15 years i have never let a Chant get me mad or angry or what ever it says. The “dixie”s reject” Chant was awesome and i used it to better the promo and story. Im loving all the backlashing here from people that wasn’t even there. I feel its time to protect myself and say something. Will i apologize? no because fans need to know their boundaries. If you watch i shoved this guy Adrian Rohr back with my boot. This isn’t the first time that PWX has had issues with him. Ask Billy Brash, ask Brian Kanabroski who runs PWX. Do i care that he has bashed me using his keyboard at home? NO. I still lay my head down at night on a pillow that i worked hard to pay for. Do i care that Thomas Simpson and Greg Price trash me? No. i remember a few years ago how much they loved and praised me for my hard work. I still don’t understand the hatred these 2 have for me but OL well. Ask Abel Adams about me. He has been there when a fan rushed the ring towards me. I will protect myself. I have way more saying i did the right thing as Rohr came towards the ring and slapped the mat while throwing me the finger. The seats that night where 8 to10 feet back from the ring. I will leave it at this. I am a professional, regardless of opinions, and i will stand up for myself and this business. I have enough emails, pictures and reliable sources and info to prove there have been more than this incident involving this fan. God bless and thanks to all my supporters and to my haters……Thanks even more cause you make me work harder. Until next time
yours truly

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