Wrestling With Sin: The Seven Nine


Brian Damage

This is the 79th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin‘ series. A group of stories that delves into the darker, underbelly of pro wrestling. Many of the stories involves such subjects as sex, drugs, greed and in some cases even murder! As with every single story in the Sin series…I do not condone or condemn the alleged participants. We simply retell their stories by researching interviews, newspapers, magazines and various other sources of media.

Are You Smarter Than A 4th Grader?


Back in 1987, while the WWF was in Miami, Florida for a show,  physical confrontation occurred between a fan and a wrestler. The thing was, the fan was a nine year old 4th grader and the wrestler was ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage. According to the 4th grader’s parents, their son wanted to give a high five to Savage as he walked down the aisle. That is when Savage turned around and punched their son in the stomach.

The boy went to the hospital for treatment and had a welt on his torso. The WWF insisted there was no proof that the Macho Man did anything wrong. A security guard who worked the show said that the boy tried to touch Miss Elizabeth’s hair and when he reached out to touch her and Savage turned around and jabbed the 4th grader in the stomach. No word of how this turned out from a legal perspective if anything at all.

Mississippi Blood


Charlie Williams was a professional wrestling out of the Mississippi area back in the 1980’s. His ring name was Charlie Boo and he teamed with a wrestler named Greg Hawkes as the ‘Mississippi Blondes.’ Fast forward to 2016 and Charlie Williams is now working as a cab driver to make ends meet in Tupelo, Mississippi. One night, a group of bikers see a body laying on the road and it turns out to be the body of Charlie Williams.

Police say he was shot in the back of his head and his cab was stolen. Police did recover the abandoned cab in another town, but so far, no arrests have been made in the murder of Charlie Williams.

You’re Watching Fox


An independent wrestler named AR Fox was involved in a scandal several years ago. It all happened after it came to light that Fox had allegedly filmed and participated in a gay porn. It is alleged that Fox worked for a company called “Thugbait” and he made at least one gay/bi video with that company.

According to some, the reason AR Fox did the porn was because he was young and homeless sleeping on park benches while he was trying to make it as a pro wrestler. While Fox has had a lot of success on the indy scene through the years, many feel he will never get hired by the WWE because of his past.

I can’t get no…Stratusfaction?


Chalk this one up right now as strictly rumor and urban legend but for several years, it was rumored that now former WWE ring announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus were once “more than friends.” I remember the story vividly, it all allegedly took place back in 2000, when both Lillian and Trish were still relatively new to the WWE.

Both were apparently spotted at an appearance together and holding hands. Not a big deal at all, but then rumors started to swirl that they were spotted kissing at a club not long after that. Considering the different climate back in 2000, it was allegedly not looked upon positively by the male dominated locker room and both were ostracized for the alleged affair.

To further fuel those rumors, The Rock once conducted an interview with Lillian Garcia on Smackdown. In the interview, the Rock said he knew Garcia “liked pie.” As Rock fans know, pie meant vagina in Rock code.


The couple allegedly split up due to pressure from management but still remained good friends. Personally, it doesn’t matter one way or the other if those rumors were true or not. I have my doubts, but I’ll let everyone else decide for themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: The Seven Nine

  1. The problem with rumors is just that: they’re rumors. Even if Stratus and Garcia were lovers (and I highly doubt that they were), was there any real proof of this? Oh, they were holding hands? Big deal, girls hold hands all the time. It is usually credited, correctly, as a sign of friendship. And if that’s the only thing they’re basing it on, then the WWE locker room owes those ladies a huge ass apology. I remember seeing that Rock promo, and disliking it right away, due to the connontation it was suggesting that Garcia was gay. Well, so what if she is? Is that really anybody else’s business? I was highly disappointed that Dwayne Johnson would stoop that low to embarrass Lillian on worldwide TV like that (and I’m 100% certain she WAS embarrassed), and even more so knowing that Vince McMahon probably blessed that crack.

    Double standard here: let’s say the ladies were gay. They’re gonna be ostracized, and yet it’s okay for Pat Patterson and (allegedly) Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) to be gay with no jeering? Bullshit. You’d think that a few of those guys in the locker room would find it sexually attractive to know those two foxy women were gay. I know human nature: even though the guys were over 21, a few still thought like high school kids and may have wanted to know just how far Lillian and Trish may have gone, just to get their jollies off on.Guys are guys. As one for nearly 50 years, I know this all too well.

    Shame on those who ridiculed these women. With all of the other crap going on, the idea of two lesbians in WWE should barely have made it on the radar, and yet it was treated like the Kennedy assassination. Trish and Lillian deserved way, way better than that.


    • Oh give me a break. This was nothing at all compared to what other people went through. Many wrestlers ate feces due to cruel pranks. And then some storylines went crazy far..Katie Vick anyone? Lilian Garcia had am off color joke remarked by the companies top star one night. That’s not that big of a deal. And I also doubt she cared that much. I’m sure she’s seen and heard way worse being in a male dominated profession. And I have no idea where you get the idea that this rumor was treated like the Kennedy assassination.

      Also, Patterson was made fun of for being gay pretty hardcore. Not sure where you got your info from. Hell even JR and Lawler made jokes about him many times.


      • Look around the web and go listen to shoot interviews by other wrestlers. You’ll see where I’m getting the info from. And Garcia had this said about her several times. Maybe it wasn’t as cruel as some of the other pranks called, but unlike the feces eating, which we all know was incredibly fake, this was a direct attack on the reputation and life of Garcia and Stratus. And I’m sure you don’t have any idea as to why it is treated as harshly as it should be. And I’ll leave that comment at that. Draw whatever conclusion you will from it, I don’t give a shit.


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  3. I have a hard time believing the male locker room would be opposed of this relationship, guys would love to hear about this sort of thing unless they were really salty about not getting either of them. The same company who”forced” Stefanie McMahon into a lesbian kiss would have milked this into a story line


    • I know, right? Guys are guys, irregardless. And most want to see two hot ladies kiss and grope one another. It’s how some of their brains are wired. Why it should have been made any sort sort of a scandal is beyond me. Being gay (if they were) has nothing to do with how you wrestle. Pat Patterson was a good hand in his day, tough as nails, and we all know he’s openly gay. One does not and should not equate to another.

      Storyline wise, this would have been a boon to WWE tv. Mickie James was doing a half-lezzie act when she first came to the federation and it helped to elevate her status in WWE. WWE could have, as you say, milked this really well.


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