Matches from History: Lucha Underground – Aztec Warfare

Lucha UndergroundRuss Morgan

In ‘Matches from History‘ we tend to go back in time. This time around its a bit closer. Last week in fact as Russ casts his eye over the Aztec Warfare program in Lucha Underground

This week Russ Morgan casts his eye over the Aztec Warfare program in Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground 23/03/16 – Aztec Warfare

This event is a Royal Rumble type match, difference being you are eliminated by pinfall or submission. The action can be in or out of the ring. A new participant enters every 90 seconds. Fenix’s Lucha Underground Title is on the line.

Current Lucha Underground Champ Fenix starts as number 1. In a surprise, debuting Rey Mysterio is number 2. Some nice exchanges between the two.

3rd out is King Cuerno, who grapples with Mysterio, before executing a nice running splash to the outside onto Fenix.

4th into the mix is Argenis who ties up with Fenix and Rey. Rey with a 6-1-9, Frog-splash and pin eliminates Argenis in just over a minute. Fenix with a cork-screw over the top onto Cuerno.

5th out is Johnny Mundo (Morrison). Mundo and Mysterio exchange. Cuerno on the outside trades with Fenix.

6th into the mixer is Joey Ryan, who precedes to hand-cuff himself to the barricades. In ring, Mundo and Cuerno double team Fenix.

7th out is Prince Puma, who cleans house with a nice Springboard Plancha which takes out everyone on the outside.

8th in is Jack Evans. Rey eliminates Cuerno with an Arm-Bar submission. Rey dives off Fenix’s shoulders for a splash onto Evans.

9th in is Taya (a DIVA). Mundo, Evans and Taya team up against the luchadores and clean them to the outside.

10th into the mixer is Cage. Cage cleans out the Americans and slams Taya into the floor. Mundo smashes Cage through a window.

11th in is Mascarita Sagrada (A midget). Cage regroups lariats Mundo and smashes him into the ground. Mundo dazed is thrown back in and pinned by Puma.

12th in is Marty Martinez, who clotheslines everyone in the ring.

13th in is Drago. Martinez is eliminated with a double pin by Rey and Sagrada after a top-rope splash.

14th in is The Mack. Mack and Cage square up in the ring, Flying Knee and Stunner from Mack.

15th in is Chavo Guerrero Jr. Drago Powerbombs Evans into the arena stairs. Chavo puts a (mini) camel-clutch on Sagrada and he submits. Cage readies Mysterio for a Powerbomb, but Rey counters into 6-1-9, but misses when Taya interferes. Mundo returns and smashes a cinderblock over Cage’s head. Taya pins Cage. Fenix takes advantage and pins Taya with a German Suplex.

16th in is PJ Black, who immediately Suplexes Drago on the stairs. Most action on the outside of the ring.

17th in is Aerostar. Black hits Drago with a Brainbuster, just as Aerostar does a sick modified Canadian Destroyer from the top rope on Evans. Both Drago and Evans pinned simultaneously.

18th out is Dragon Azteca Jr. who exchanges with Black in the ring. Running Plancha to the outside takes out The Mack.

19th in is Texano, who clears the ring and does a Plancha over the top-rope, taking out four guys. Texano pins PJ Black after a Powerbomb. Rey and Texano exchange in the ring.

20th in is Mil Muertes (with Catrina). Pentagon Jr. (not in match) attacks Muertes with a chair. Rey splashes Muertes and pins him with help from Puma. Catrina argues with Vampiro. Boss Dario Cueto announces to the wrestlers and says one more wrester to enter.

21st man in is The Monster Matanza Cueto. Cueto clears the ring, Powerslams and pins Fenix who loses the title.

The Mack Stunners Cueto to no effect, who then pins Mack with a German Suplex.

Aerostar is pinned after Clotheslined in the air and German Suplex by Cueto.

Texano is pinned after a Powerbomb by Cueto.

Joey Ryan is released from his cuffs and pinned after 3 Gutwrench Suplexes by Cueto.

Chavo attacks everyone on the outside. Azteca Jr. grapples with Cueto, can’t connect with a Sunset Flip, gets Chokeslammed and pinned by Cueto.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. pinned after a Backflip Headbutt by Cueto.

Puma and Rey attack Cueto, who throws Mysterio to the outside. Cueto pins Puma with a German Suplex.The Monster Matanza Cueto

Final 2, Mysterio and Cueto. Mysterio kicks Cueto to set-up 6-9-1, but caught. Rey goes for 6-1-9 again and connects. Goes to top rope, but gets caught, Slammed and pinned by Cueto.

Winner and New Lucha Underground Champion – The Monster Matanza Cueto.

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