Raw Rewind: 1 November 1993

Craig Wilson

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘Raw Rewind‘ from 1993. Today we take in the episode from 1 November 1993, featuring Crush confronting Macho Man Randy Savage with the Steiners, I.R.S. and Tatanka all in action.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Yokozuna
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon
WWF Tag Team Champions: The Quebecers

You can read last week’s Raw recap here.

We kick off with Bastion Booger destroying a tonne of food backstage. He announces the food is “raw” and then we head to the intro sequence…

We then head to ringside where Vince McMahon is joined by Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan – still no Macho Man. Tonight, Razor Ramon will take on Bastion Booger in a non-title match, Virgil (still there?!) will tangle with Adam Bomb, the Smokin’s Gunns will face Well Done and we’ll hear from the Foreign Fanatics ahead of Survivor Series.

Match 1: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Bastion Booger

I’d never heard Bastion Booger’s music before. It’s a light rumble with an ominous voice saying ‘I’m the Booger man’. Catchy… He then does a wee dance as Vince McMahon calls him a “threat” to Razor.

Before they lock up, Ramon makes it clear that Booger smells then plays with his boobs. It leads to a shoving match before a toothpick is thrown into Booger’s considerable face. We come back from a break and Ramon kicks out at two following a running splash.

As Booger dances again, Ramon clotheslines him from behind, sending him tumbling to the outside. Booger is back in and gets tangled in ropes. With him there, Ramon jiggles his belly before Danny Davis, the formerly ‘Dangerous’ and current WWF referee, releases him. They battle outside and Booger regains control, hitting an avalanche on Ramon who is against the ringpost.

Heenan bangs on about it being his birthday as Booger works on Ramon’s back – outside driving him into the apron and inside with a bear hug. Ramon breaks free and hits a series of punches but a slam attempt is foiled and Booger is back in control. On commentary, McMahon wishes Tatanka well upon his recovery – suspect we’ll hear more about this.

Ramon attempts another slam but Booger falls on top of him for a two. They trade punches until a rake of the face stops Razor in his tracks. Back to the bear hug as we learn we’ll get a report on Tatanka’s condition later – following his Superstars match this weekend with Ludvig Borga.

The crowd is very quiet – bored? – as Ramon struggles to get out of the bear hug. Booger breaks it himself but driving Ramon back first into the turnbuckle. Ramon fights back with a couple of punches but an Irish whip into the corner is reversed but Booger only meets the boot of Ramon with an avalanche attempt. Ramon finally slams Booger and the crowd comes alive.

Ramon signals for the Razor’s Edge – surely not?! He takes too long and gets backdropped. Booger drops his butt on Ramon but gets a two before Ramon rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Razor Ramon via pinfall.

Overall: A lot better than this appeared on paper but, well, that’s hardly all that great praise, is it?

Time for a “special” Survivor Series report with Todd Pettengill. He starts by hyping an Evander Holyfield boxing PPV. Live from Caesar’s Palace. Now we turn to the WWF’s Thanksgiving Tradition later this month.

We hype the main event first the All Americans (Lex Luger, Tatanka and the Steiner Brothers) vs the Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga and the Quebecers). We cut to footage from WWF Superstars and the ambush from the Foreign Fanatics during the match that pitted Borga against Tatanka. We see him smash Tatanka with a steel chair and pin him with one finger – ending a two-year undefeated run. Post-match, Yokozuna drops a Banzai drop on the Native American. Luger tries to make a save but is ambushed by the Quebecers as he makes his way to ringside. We’ll hear more about the well-being of Tatanka in the coming weeks.

We cut back to the ring where Vince McMahon is with the Foreign Fanatics. Jim Cornette asks where “Tatanto” is and predicts we’ll never see him back in the ring. He talks about the Survivor Series being eliminating and surviving and outlines his team’s plans to do just that in the lead up to the Survivor Series.

Next week on Raw, Ludvig Borga will face Scott Steiner and he states it was a “pleasure” to do what he did to Tatanka and says he’ll do much the same to “Mr. Steiner” next week. Cornette concludes by predicting the end of the ‘All Americans’ at Survivor Series.

Before the next match, we get a video previewing Borga vs Scott Steiner next week on Raw.

Match 2: Mr. Perfect vs. The Executioner

A masked instead of a mulleted jobber for Perfect to play with. Perfect chops away on the Executioner in the corner but an Irish whip is reversed and Perfect is thrown to the mat with a hiptoss. But the masked jobber misses a running corner charge and Perfect destroys his opponent.

Perfect applies a leg subission, akin to an STF, and gets several nearfalls. Every time the Executioner lifts his shoulders to break the count, Perfect slaps him – which is rather entertaining. Perfect continues to work on the legs, with a spinning toe hold.

The Executioner pokes him in the eye and breaks the hold. But with him struggling, Perfect kicks him from behind and he’s back to working the leg. Heenan is back to his favourite topic – his birthday. He says there is talk of his birthday becoming a national holiday.

Perfect hits his running neckbreaker, picks up his opponent and it’s Perfect-plex time and he has the win.

Winner: Mr. Perfect via pinfall.

Overall: Fairly straightforward win for Perfect – not much to see here, though.

It’s Razor Ramon’s turn now to feature in an ICOPRO advert before we find out more about ‘Double J’ Jeff Jarrett and his use of his WWF run to forge a break in country music. He says he’s coming after Razor Ramon and Men on a Mission.

Match 3: The Smokin’ Gunns vs. Well Dunn (w/ Harvey Wipplemen)

Timothy Well and Steven Dunn are Wipplemen’s latest recruits. Billy and Timothy start until Well eats a huge right hook and tags in his wonderfully mulleted friend. Some decent takedowns and reversals from Billy Gunn and Steven Dunn.

Billy works on Steven’s arm but is pushed back to the corner and eats a back elbow and the heels are in control but only till an Irish whip is reversed an atomic drop sends Dunn hurtling into a left hook from the southpaw Bart Gunn. Bart is tagged in and comes off the top with an elbow to the left arm and works away on that limb. A double team of a suplex and a crossbody has Dunn down but Well breaks the tag.

Bart hiptosses Dunn and connects with a big dropkick. With the referee’s back turned, Well Dunn team up to drop Bart throat first on the top rope. Timothy Dunn is back in and they continue to work over their opponent. Well applies a reverse chinlock as Heenan praises Wipplemen for hiring this duo. Another double team combination gets a nearfall before Dunn is back in.

Quick tags and Well hits a running boot to Gunn’s abdomen. Heenan makes a joke about how it’s surprising seeing Well Dunn on a show called Raw. Geddit? Vince didn’t either. Dunn chocks Bart as Vince demands that the referee disqualifies the heel duo.

Dunn puts his head down, though, and Bart drives him face first into the mat and Billy gets the hot tag. He cleans house before hitting a running clothesline on Dunn. He runs again at the ropes but Wipplemen trips him and it’s a DQ finish.

Winners: The Smokin’ Gunns via DQ.

Rating: Was an OK match but a finish which protects the new heel tandem without hurting Billy and Bart too much.

Macho Man Randy Savage joins us over the phone and Heenan starts to mock him. Savage promises to be back on Raw next week.

Match 4: Adam Bomb (w/ Harvey Wipplemen) vs. Virgil.

Kinda can’t believe that Virgil is still with the WWF this late in 1993. Begs the question what exactly he’s been up to. He gets a jobber’s entrance here, incidentally.

Apparently, this is the “speed and the style” of Virgil against the “raw power” of Adam Bomb. Criss-cross to start before a Virgil crossbody gets him a two and it’s followed up with a hiptoss before Bomb retreats to the outside.

Adam Bomb looks irate at ringside but is caught from behind by Virgil, who takes the offence to his much larger opponent before chasing Wipplemen around the ring. Virgil hits a suicide dive of sorts to Bomb on the outside.

Just as Vince says it’s been “all Virgil”, Bomb drills him with an elbow and beats down on his opponent. Bomb picks up Virgil then sends him back down with a dropkick. He waits for him to stand up then drills him with a clothesline.

Virgil counters a corner charge by raising his feet and then hits a clothesline and a top rope dropkick but can only get a two. Bomb drops Virgil as he attempts a second rope crossbody but picks him up and hits the Atom Smasher for the win.

Winner: Adam Bomb via pinfall.

Rating: An easy win for Bomb but hardly benefits him, considering the standing of his opponent here.

Next week: Scott Steiner takes on Ludvig Borga, Crush will be in action and we’ll see the return of Macho Man Randy Savage.

Overall Thoughts: From an in-ring perspective, this was utterly woeful with three squash matches but the Crush and Macho Man summit was very, very good and a very powerful heel turn from Crush..

Overall score – 2/5

In other WWF news…

Undertaker will replace Tatanka in the main event at Survivor Series after Tatanka is “injured” when the match with Ludvig Borga runs on television this coming weekend.

They continually hype Borga as undefeated even though he’s getting pinned at every house show.

Sabu looked much better at the second (where he was pinned by Owen Hart in an excellent match) and third night of television tapings and was offered a job, but turned it down because it would have meant he’d have to give up his FMW job and he’s staying loyal to Onita for giving him his first career break.

Crush is now wearing face paint and managed by Mr. Fuji.

Rich Myers, who has done a few TV jobs and is the son of George Steele, was given a chance for a win in a try-out match in Glens Falls and was said to have made Todd Champion look like a ballerina.

Also getting a try-out both nights is Sid Vicious-clone Glen Jacobs, who will be the Black Knight at the Survivor Series. I believe all three nights with the unknown muscle types. Jacobs had worked Florida indies as Sid Powers and Jim Powers and Memphis as Doomsday (currently) and Christmas Creature. Black Knight debuted during a Bret Hart vs. Lawler cage match on 10/19 in Glens Falls. Yokozuna pinned Mr. Perfect clean at the taping and Marty Jannetty beat Diesel via count out when Diesel got his legs caught in the ropes and hung outside the ring. They seem to be building a Razor Ramon-Diesel program.

After a ref bump, Knight went into the cage and pulled Lawler out the door, but before the ref could see Lawler having escaped, Owen Hart ran in and threw Lawler back in. As Knight was destroying Owen on the floor, Bret managed to escape and win. There were no video walls up during the Glens Falls taping, but there were 10/20 in Burlington, VT which was the Superstars taping.

Adam Bomb attacked Marty Jannetty in the aisle, leading to a match “next week” where Janetty loses via COR when all the Survivors partners get involved.

Officially it was announced on television this past weekend a Bastion Booger & Head Shrinkers & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Four Doinks match. Don’t think Savage will be a Doink as speculated on here last week. Probably it’ll be Matt Borne & Steve Lombardi and either Phil or Ray Apollo and another guy.

In an IC title match, Ramon beat Rick Martel via COR when Harvey Whippleman came out but Ramon knocked the two of them together and Martel lost. Martel and Whippleman started arguing and then Bomb and Martel started arguing to tease a dissension angle but all made up. Bret Hart had a singles match with IRS ending when Fuji hit Hart with the flagpole. Jim Cornette and Yokozuna came out as well as did Owen Hart to set up a tag match with Bret & Owen vs. IRS & Yokozuna.

They debuted the “B” team shows this past week and reports are they drew poorly, as in less than 1,000. Because they are working with local charities, a lot of normal costs of running a show are removed. “A” team with loaded up shows drew poorly for its debut in Amherst, MA on Thursday (about 1,500), Excellent in Pittsburgh on Friday (9,800; $118,000), good in Baltimore on Saturday and fair in Hershey, PA on Sunday. Hart and Lawler, who only worked Friday and Saturday, got the hottest response.

After Luger beat Borga using the forearm in their first meetings, they bring them back with Luger having to wear the protective pad.

Hart vs. Lawler with Bossman as ref was pulled from the 12/5 SF Cow Palace card (probably because it’s a Sunday and Lawler won’t go on the road Sundays in the winter) so Bossman will ref Steiners vs. Quebecers instead.

USA network renewed its contract with the WWF through 1995.

The way that 900 number thing to vote on whether Shawn Michaels could return when it had no bearing on the decision whatsoever was done was a total fraud. I realize what pro wrestling is and I’m not sure what the law is, but there is something really sleazy about the way this was handled.

Monday Night Raw with the Savage-Crush summit on 10/18 drew a 3.0 rating, while the same weekend All-American did a 1.9 and Mania a 1.2.

In advertising for Survivor Series, they are using the slogan “Don’t settle for cheap imitations” obviously referring to the WCW Battle Royal PPV show set four days earlier.

Interesting note about the second Jeff Jarrett video done in front of the offices of Buddy Lee attractions. Buddy Lee, out of Nashville, is a leading booker of not only country music but many other touring attractions. He was also a pro wrestler in the 50s and 60s, and married former female wrestler Rita Cortez, before making it big in the live entertainment business.

All ‘Raw Rewind 1993’ pieces can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Raw Rewind: 1 November 1993

  1. God that opening segment with Booger and all that meat and food around him is truly one of the most disgusting bits I have ever seen done on tv. One of the very few that nearly makes me vomit every single time I see it.

    God, Adam Bomb went through 93 on Raw basically doing squashes and doing else. You think Vince would want to use a man his size and not too bad ability for something more than just squashes, but then this the same man that has Jeff Jarrett talk for 10 weeks on the corruption on the music industry and calling out wrestlers he would either never wrestle or wrestle on house shows.

    It’s no different today with the way he books Raw and has the same matches repeat for a month on end. i.e. Bobby Roode and Cad Gable vs the Revival.

    Virgil had one moment, winning at MSG against Ted for the dollar belt. And basically rode on that for his whole career.

    He was certainly no Barry Horrowitz as a jobber that’s for sure. Barry always knew how to put someone over and look decent as a jobber.

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